The more $COW tokens you hold in your wallet, the more Benefits you will get.

CashCow Protocol is a community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment

CashCow Token is the first feature of the protocol, which is a fairly launched, low supply and highly deflationary DeFi Token. 

Simply hodl $COW tokens in your wallet and you will get more. Earning crypto was never this simple.

Every transaction automatically contributes to liquidity, ensuring our members can always sell their CashCow whenever they please.

By holding CashCow in your wallet you will receive your cut of 4% on every transaction. Passive income earned while you sleep.

$COW are best purchased and sold through PancakeSwap. $COW is a decentralized experiment and, as such, we always incentivize the use of DEXs.

Due to CashCow Tokenomics, remember to set slippage tolerance over 11% so your transaction can go through.

Contract Address: 0x8b6fa031c7d2e60fbfe4e663ec1b8f37df1ba483

Milk Token is the token with the following use cases:

  • Rewarding CashCow Staking Pools Users
  • Minting NFTs
  • In-Game Currency

$MILK tokenomics are totally different compared to CashCow Token. As CashCow are able to produce infinite milk, $MILK will have infinite supply, but will have a burning mechanism in which part of all $MILK used on the NFT Marketplace will be burned.

Contract Address: 0xe5bd6c5b1c2df8f499847a545838c09e45f4a262

CashCow Staking DApp is another way to earn passive income (in $MILK) within the CashCow Protocol Ecosystem. You can get high APRs by adding liquidity and you can also do single token staking with $COW, $MILK, and other Partner’s tokens.
The goal for this feature is to incentivize long term holding and liquidity provision by the community, so liquidity can also be decentralized and always rewarded.


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